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Welcome to whatmakesmomhappy.com!!! My name is Lisa.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my daily deals. I’ve probably shared close to 30,000 product deals with you, literally. It’s crazy, LOL, but it happened!!!

For me, 2019 was a magical year because I disagreed with the former company boss on the marketing model of the product, which directly led me to leave the company which was my first job after graduation. It’s hard to imagine that this was three years ago.

After I left, I was not lost. I started to help sellers to promote their products. Clothing, toys, garden lights, and Christmas products, are the types of deals that I usually deal with initially. I discuss with the sellers the market positioning of the development, price customization, advertising promotion methods, and even product image style, title keywords and selling point introduction, etc. I use the theoretical knowledge I have learned to share it with all sellers. It seemed that God was helping me. More and more sellers contacted me, and they offered lower deal prices than the market price for promotion.

I organized the information provided by the seller. I need to confirm whether the original price is within the normal range, whether the discounted price is attractive, whether the scope of application of the code is correct, whether the review is manipulated, etc. I am very concerned about these details. I confirm these details over and over again every day. In the beginning, I needed to spend a whole day documenting the details, and now I can finish the work in 4 hours.

Viewing and moderating is an increasingly difficult task for influencers due to the high volume of daily deals. To help you guys lighten this task, I’ve tried many things. I am proud to say that I have spent a lot of money and time developing this website. If you have any questions, you can leave me a message. If you want to receive close to 50+ high-quality deals details every day, please immediately Subscribe to us.

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Update Daily Deals around 5 am PDT Everyday

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